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Bula is the world’s premier social short-form video & challenge platform for brands seeking to drastically improve loyalty & reward programs engagement.

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Achieve Your Business Goals with Bula

Bula enables brands and customers to connect and participate in TikTok-like video challenges, for continued in-app loyalty & reward program engagement.

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Grow Your Business

Invite customers to join fun short-form social video challenges to unlock rewards and win prizes. Let fun and participation open up more revenue.

Drive Sales
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Reward Customer Loyalty

Keep customers engaged and re-activate dormant members. Higher engagement leads to smiles. Smiles lead to more sales.

Increase Engagement and Retention
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Friends challenging Friends

Tap into your customer's social following and attract new customers.

Increase Referral Signups with Bula
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Turn Participation into Revenue

Convert tuned-in customers into high-value superfans. Increased customer engagement leads to higher order frequency and customer lifetime value.

Improve Life Time Value with Bula

How It Works

Turn customers into superfans who rave about your brand

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Integrate social video challenges into your brand loyalty and reward app

  • Bula increases engagement and revenue by integrating TikTok-like social video challenges.
  • Deepen the relationship with your customers by connecting with them through entertaining and rewarding short-form video challenges.
  • Our customized solution integrates with any existing loyalty & customer engagement solution, POS, and customer intelligence software.
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Incentivize challenges and draw winners

  • Organize brand-relevant challenges, and challenge customers to participate by uploading multiple short-form video entries.
  • Incentivize re-engagement through giveaways, sweepstakes, promotions, and exclusive rewards.
  • Convert tuned-in members into high-value superfans through personalized rewards, promotions, and member experiences.
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Increase App Downloads and Member Signups

  • Participants can invite their friends to join group video challenges.
  • Incentivize your superfans to share their user-generated content across major social platforms.
  • Reward your superfans with referral incentives.
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Build Brand Love

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For marketing teams looking to increase brand engagement.

Bula keeps loyalty & reward program members engaged through entertaining user-generated video challenge participation, user-generated content creation, and gamification.


For loyalty teams seeking to boost revenue and frequency of orders / visits / bookings.

Bula turns program engagement into participation beyond just the typical promotional offer redemption.


For growth marketers seeking to find a sustainable and repeatable growth flywheel.

For brands who do not have the marketing resources for extensive growth campaigns, and are looking for cost-effective solution.

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Product Features

Creativity + Viral Fun + Competition = Ultimate Growth Loop


User Generated Content Video Feed

Customers will come back again and again to Explore, Join, Like and Share latest challenge submissions. Members can upload multiple videos to maximize their storytelling.


Onboarding and Re-engagement Challenges

Incentivize Customers to sign up for your reward & loyalty program, and keep them engaged with ongoing challenges that tap into social trends and sports events.


Points-based Challenges, Sweepstakes and Exclusives

Customers can earn more reward points, enter sweepstakes, and unlock exclusive promotions, content, and experiences, by participating in newly added video challenges.


Gamification Features

Customers can Follow each other, earn branded badges, check leaderboard positions, and even host & judge self-initiated group and Peer2Peer challenges with their friends.

Product features
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Interoperable with any online and
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How to Get Started

From Pilot to Full Integration

Secure. Customizable. Scalable. Cost-Effective & Quick to Market.

🚀 Pilot Launch

  • Start with an easy-to-launch pilot program.
  • Onboarding, re-engagement, and special events challenges tailor-made to your business.
  • Self-serve admin dashboard.
  • Team training and pilot launch support.

⚙️ Full Integration

  • Native app and backend integration (points reward, POS, CRM, and any offline or online system).
  • Optional Ongoing Support - challenge concepting, management, content moderation, and performance reporting.  

Answer a few questions and we’ll create a free, personalized proposal customized to your business.

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About Bula

Life is about challenging your limits, not limiting your challenges.

Jack Booty


Jack Booty CEO and Founder BULA 10+ years in consumer experience in Large Scale venues. Started pop up shops in Disneyland.

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Josh Booty


Former NFL & MLB Player. Founder of Big dreams ventures a Marketing and Consulting Firm. World Series Champ in 1997 Florida Marlins.

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Jack and Josh Booty